Queen's Crown Initiative

The Queen's Crown is recognition of the majesty of our area tree canopy and an effort to change an idea to an entity. Living amongst the majestic trees of Charlotte Mecklenburg not only inspires, but also compels and defines us.

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Charlotte's History of Tree Love

Charlotte’s love affair with trees arguably began in the 1910’s when John Nolen and Earle Draper designed Myer’s Park, which at the time was an old farm field all but devoid of trees.  In the Late 1980’s Tom Martin, urban forestry agent for the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service, started the formal Treasure Tree program in Mecklenburg County. In 2007 Al Harris revived the Treasure Tree Program in Mecklenburg County.  Maggie Barker, a local teacher, has written a children’s book highlighting several Treasure Trees.  Barker, along with husband Dr. Don Booth, and retired librarian Charlie Williams also hosted ‘Treasure Tree Sunday: A Festival of Trees.’ 

The Queen’s Crown is another incantation for Charlotte’s love of trees.  Our goal is to improve and maintain our urban forest cover.  Here you will find a collection of stories and legends involving our most precious resource.  The Queen’s Crown is discovery, recognition, and celebration for our trees, which are truly the jewels of Queen Charlotte’s Crown.

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Featured Tree

Address: 3218 Shamrock Drive
Coordinates: 35.233071 & -80.771533
Type of Tree: Methodist Home Park White Oak

If you follow the wooded trails to the west in Methodist Home Park, amongst the smaller diameter tulip poplars, maples, and sweetgums you’ll come across a colossal old white oak. In centuries past large trees were used as markers for farm entrances. Because of this tree’s size and location it was likely a living marker for Hezekiah Alexander’s farm. Several of the massive large lower limbs have declined or died due to the shade brought on by the young forest now growing around the centuries old tree.