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About The Queen's Crown | The Queen's Crown

About The Queen's Crown

Of all the things the Queen's Crown provides, perhaps the most important is hope. Our forest was created through the efforts of citizens past. Their foresight to plant has become our refuge and home. It's our responsibility to replicate their efforts, and not just preserve, but restore and create again. So, we begin by creating an awareness of the Queen's Crown and her importance to us.

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Protecting the Queen's Crown Together

The Queen's crown is recognition of the majesty of our area tree canopy and an effort to change an idea to an entity. The idea is that the gift of living amongst the majestic trees of Charlotte Mecklenburg not only inspires and protects, but also compels and defines us. Our hope is to change the perception from that of trees just being trees or a canopy to that of an entity that every inhabitant benefits from and is influenced by. Those benefits are as varied as the individual, but the goal is to have people feel as if they can take pride in ownership of, and responsibility for, the Queen's Crown.

In my lifetime, Charlotte has always been a beautiful, sublime place. We don't have a great river, a magnificent shoreline, or towering mountains to give us a sense of place. What we do have is the reverence of a great urban forest. It's a living, growing, and breathing entity. To be raised in the arms of this forest gives us a chance to feel connected to the larger natural world of which we are all a part. Not by choice, by design. It allows us to experience the sensations of being the human animals we are on this planet earth. Yet somehow, through self absorption as a species, we have lost touch of all the other life around us without whom we could not be. No more.

As human animals, we are all moved by the change of seasons and our trees express, and more correctly, lead and inspire those feelings of change. 

The surprise and joy that Spring brings witness to.  We’re equally enthralled and cowered by our trees awakening in their dance with the winds of seasonal change.   Sometimes graceful swaying to well known lullabies, but just as often to violent slam dances that leave us humbled, afraid and small.  We feel, see, and rejoice in the explosion of lust for life anew.   The rush of growth, the return of energy, and the desire for experience.   The mystery of creation renewed. 

In Summer, the stately Queen’s Crown becomes the cathedrals for our prayers, our ceremonies, and our celebrations.  She is the frame through which we view our homes, streets, and neighborhoods most desired.  Her out stretched arms and cool spreading shade gives us shelter and relief from the sun, and it’s punishing heat.   She also encourages the intimacy denied by the nakedness of winter.

Autumn’s bow to the change of seasons is no less stirring than the passion of Spring.   Blazing colors that defy imagination.  Falling leaves that compel us to the industry needed to prepare for winter.  Her gift of the fruits, nuts, and roots that are the reward of a forest cared for during a long summer growing season.  Even the sense of being underwater as falling leaves mimic schools of fish in the air around us. Wonder abounds.

Winter, when she drops her veil of leaves and reveals to us all her naked glory.  A glory exposed touting the grace and strength of well muscled limbs ever reaching for the heavens.   She allows us more light from the formerly cruel sun to brighten the all too short days.   Winter is when she can't hide from us her ambition to succeed ascendant against our relentless common enemy, gravity.

We don't always acknowledge or pay tribute to how important our Queen’s Crown is. But we always feel pain, despair, and mourning when we see a favorite tree removed, seemingly for no visiblereason.   Even more painful and troubling is the loss of a neighborhood tract of woods to a clear cut and bulldozing that leaves an open wound of almost blood red clay.  That blood then fills our streams and rivers, and the loss of life spills into our water.  Water which becomes more measurable, finite, and contestable as we grow.

Of all the things the Queen’s Crown provides, perhaps the most important is hope.  Our forest was created through the efforts of citizens past.  Their foresight to plant has become our refuge and home. This also means we can replicate their efforts, and not just preserve, but restore and create again.  It's our responsibility, but even greater than that, it's our opportunity.  We can create the place and lifestyle that attracts our hearts, paints us with smiles of contentment, and attracts the types of business and people that want to be here, not ones we pay to come here.  We plant a shade tree, not to shade just ourselves, but for all that come after.

So we begin by creating an awareness of the Queen’s Crown and her importance to us.   On this site, you’ll find individual trees from around the area that are worth taking a look at and a visit to.   We will continue to add trees to this site as time goes on, and educate about efforts made to prolong the lives of our oldest citizens.    As each tree is identified, we’ll provide you with the common and scientific names, statistics and characteristics of it’s species.   We’ll also be sharing stories associated with these trees to highlight the timeless value trees have for all of us.  You’ll find a map that you can use to visit these trees.   In time, we’ll open up and ask for your input on trees that we need to include in this list for others to share and discover. Enjoy your life please!

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