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By giving us your information we can notify you of; timely tree care information, updates to tree ordinances and laws, local tree happenings, events centered around tree and environmental awareness, and updates/additions to trees of The Queen’s Crown Site.  Go to the Contact Us page to sign up.

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We are looking for your stories....

Currently, there are only a hand-full of dedicated volunteers working to build the Queen’s Crown into a movement that brings recognition, education, and aid to the arboreal jewels of the Charlotte Metro area.

As we grow donation opportunities to protect, maintain, and replant our cities greatest resource will present themselves.  Volunteer opportunities will also arise.  For now, we need help finding the stories behind trees in and around our city.  If you know of a tree with a real history that ties in to our neighborhoods, city, state, or is just a good story let us know.  If you wish you can become a part of our resources page, and play a key role in one of our upcoming events. 

Please check back from time to time, and sign up on our Contact Us page, so we can keep you informed about our tree canopy.


If you'd like more information, please visit the Contact Us page.

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