Elmwood Cemetery Tulip Poplar

SPECIES: Liriodendron tulipifera DIAMETER: 77 HEIGHT: 112' SPREAD: 93' ORIGINAL TREASURE TREE: Yes

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West 6th Street
Charlotte, NC 28202

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Standing on the Southern border of historic Elmwood Cemetery, this tree stands as one of Charlotte's original Treasure Trees.  Tulip poplars are the tallest growing tree on the Eastern side of the Mississippi, which can be around 165ft.  They are found from Southern Canada to Northern Florida.  Their four lobed, entire leaves with an appex cut at a shallow angle give the upper part of the leaf a characteristic sqaure look.   

Liriodendron means 'liliy tree' in greek, though its orange-yellow flowers are reminisent of tulips, hence the species name tulupifera.  The flowers make a honey much desired by bakers.  Native Americans would use the large straight trunks of these trees as canoes, a tradition early European settlers burrowed.  

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