VanLandingham Estate Coast Redwood


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2010 The Plaza
Charlotte, NC 28205

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There is an unassuming little evergreen tree located at the rear fence of the VanLandingham Estate in Plaza Midwood.  Past the house, and most of the gardens, on the far side of the pond stands a coast redwood.  This tree is the same as the trees that grow to unimaginable heights along the pacific coast from Oregon to Central California.  Known to live for close to 2000 years, coast redwoods have been inspiring awe in people since the first Americans walked over the Bering Strait Land Bridge and migrated south. 

Ralph and Susie Harwood-VanLandingham built the VanLandingham Estate in 1913.  The grounds of the VanLandingham Estate were originally designed by Leigh Colyer, who designed The Plaza Road and most of the street and community layout of Chatham Estates, which is now known as Plaza Midwood.  The VanLandinghams spent their summers in Lineville, NC, and wanted the grounds of their Charlotte home to be a recreation of the Appalachian Mountains.   Mr. Colyer was instructed to stick to the “Linville mountain theme” in his design and covered the grounds with rhododendrons, cedars and cypress. 

Many years later, Ralph VanLandingham Jr. hired Dr. Herbert Hechenbleikner from UNCC to re-do some of the grounds.  Dr. Hechenbleikner was known to appreciate odd and unique plant species.   As for the Redwood, we’re told in Mr. VanLandingham Jr.’s journal that “volcanic matter” was brought in to amend the soil for the tree. 

This coast redwood was one of the original Charlotte Treasure Trees, and quite a unique tree for our area.  There are several former Treasure Trees throughout the VanLandingham Estate.  Take some time to travel up The Plaza to see a few more jewels of Queen Charlotte’s Crown.

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