Ebeneezer Church Cedar of Lebanon


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6210 Old Pineville Rd
Charlotte, NC 28217

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Head south out of town on what else but, South Boulevard and youTMll soon come to a fork which is the original road to the mill town of Pineville, Old Pineville Road. As you travel down this road, you can still see a few vestiges that followed the railway out of town. One of those is the Ebenezer ARP Church at 6210 Old Pineville Road. Founded in 1869, it was a faction of the original Steele Creek ARP which combined with Little Steele Creek to form a Presbytery which the reformers could not sit down for.

Members first traveled to the Sardis Road ARP for a time to find believers of their own ilk. At the time, there was no bridge over the Sugaw Creek putting a real test to the will of the faithful. In short order, a young minister, the Reverend C. R. White and his wife Laura stepped up and were able to cajole one of the farmer congregants to donate 5 acres of high ground along Highway 521, short of halfway between the original Steele Creek Church and the Sardis Road ARP. The original graveyard was placed on the west side of the property and began to collect the chess piece headstones that became the foreshadows of Facebook. Times were slow back then.

The Reverend lived long for the times, and fostered a fruitful congregation that inspired several to the missionary life. Leading the congregation for over 50 years, and into his 80TMs, the high spot of the graveyard was reserved for him and his wife. Upon his passing he was so interred and one of the missionaries, whose name will remain secret, brought a sapling Cedar of Lebanon. The tree is purported to be the wood used to build NoahTMs ark. Greatly mourned, his own widow joined him in the dirt a scant 3 months later to seek her heavenly reward next to him.

Standing proud through the years, this tree has survived a lightning strike which has stunted itTMs height, but not itTMs will to live. Today that tree is protected by lightning protection, carried to a 10TM deep ground rod which helps carry the charge of any subsequent strikes to below the eternal occupants vaults, and protecting all of us from their possible reanimation a la Dr. Frankenstein.

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